sábado, 31 de outubro de 2015


A voluntary job to motivate the reading and interpretation of graphic humor as a form of comunication for public or private schools and Brazilian colleges.
My work was totally erased by the negligence and irresponsible action of ENERGISA. It destroyer all of my books and papers. I lost 25 years of hard work.
It was 15 years of working directly with teachers and studentes from differente levels and cartoons published in vestibular test, didactic books and ENEM.
During this period we discovered many talents, but, abive all, it stimulated the general population. We helpd those who arte only a statistic of the government.
We showed that art together with the power of reading with dedicated teachers con go far.  I shall continue to create but not at schools, because i do not have the historical reference. God continues to give me light, unlike ENERGISA which which killed my drive and motivation!
Thank you.